Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Project Management #2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Project Management #2 - Essay Example These resources also include human resources, and so this would need facilitation of better management of people towards achievement of organisational objectives through the most economically feasible manner (Kyle, 1998). In this assignment, the pros and cons of systems approach in project management will be analysed in the following sections. For the concept of systems approach in project management to be clear, a project may be seen as a sequence of connected activities, which are both complex and unique. All these activities have a single goal to serve the organization. To meet the criteria of project related activities, these must observe a strict timeframe, must satisfy specifications, and must remain within budget. These sequence of activities are dictated by the technical requirements of the specific work, or in the other words, output is measured by the technical requirements and specifications. It is to be remembered that for any specific project, the activity parts are unique in the sense that under the given conditions identical parameters never repeat and they always vary in a random fashion, and project management is all about management and control of these random variables inherent in each piece of activities that constitute a project (Kerzner, 2009). Each project thus differs in purp... enging and it is calculated journey into unknown future; each step is fraught with uncertainty and risk due to invariable variations in one or more parameters, commercial, physical, or administrative angles. There are several types of such projects, and in fact all organizational activities may be placed in such formats. Taking examples from engineering, manufacturing, information technology, or scientific research, it has been observed that all projects enter into a timeline, despite indistinct beginning or end, although several key events mark significant points in the evolution of a project, namely, milestones. The time period spanning between the beginning and end point of any project is known as the life cycle of the project (Lambert and Lambert, 2000). It is very evident that the solutions to the best accomplishments of these projects from all angles are exercise of better controls and the best use of the available corporate resources. This means that most of the solutions lie internally than externally. The systems approach to project management is just another way to achieve the best suitable internal solution, where management principles are being restructured in a special manner and used in different techniques. While into a project, there are unique changes in situations both inside and outside the organization, and project management is one way to respond rapidly to these changes without altering the progress of the project. Clearly, this is a departure from the conventional forms of management strategies where the emphasis is on accomplishing the work (Wysocki, 2007). From common sense, thus, it appears that the process of project management will comprise of certain dynamic steps which include resourcing teams possessing expertise to execute actions

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